Joanne Francis's Birthday
I treated Joanne Francis to a round of golf at Calgary's Silverwing Links golf course for her birthday on 6 August 2012.  We played the Mayfly and Dragonfly courses under very pleasant conditions.
That hotel looks awfully close! Joanne tees off on the 5th hole of the Mayfly course.
Where's the ball?? Joanne swings away.
Those folks in the background must be looking for stray balls. Joanne cleans up on the green.
Joanne is an excellent driver. Joanne is coiled and ready to unleash her power.
Pete (in background) was a single player who tagged along with us for 9 holes. Joanne puts a bend in her iron as she smacks her golf ball.
Wish I could make my ball fly that high! Airline jets are a common sight over Silverwing.
At least I still look well-dressed! Despite his dismal score, Sonny is still all smiles.


Uh...the green is over there behind your right shoulder, Sonny...

Sonny prepares to take a swing.


I'm still working on improving my driving... Sonny takes out the big driver.


Should be ready for the LPGA soon, I think!

Joanne pounds another ball straight down the fairway.