Golf Day At Muirfield Lakes
Joanne Francis, Matt Leith, Scott Mair and I enjoyed a round of golf at Muirfield Lakes Golf Club in Lyalta, Alberta on 26 August 2012.  Although Joanne and Matt were late getting to the course, our tee-off time was delayed by nearly half an hour because of frost on the course earlier in the morning.  The wind was a significant factor on this day and played havoc with many of our shots.  Furthermore, the greens were some of the toughest I have ever played--fast with lots of deep swales.  While I still struggled badly on several holes, I was generally pleased with my overall game which is starting to show signs of improvement.  Best of all, I had a lot of fun playing golf with good friends on a beautiful day.
Throughout the day, we would wait a lot for the group in front of us to clear out. Scott, Joanne, and Matt wait their turn to get on the first tee.
Every once in awhile, the blind squirrel finds an acorn! Sonny gives a jubilant fist pump after his birdie on the 3rd hole.
Mair played well despite a bum middle finger. Scott pounds the ball down the fairway.
Team Taqa! Sonny, Joanne, and Matt show off their matching shirts.
Way to keep your head down, Matt! Matt smacks his approach shot on the 6th hole.
This green was surprisingly hard to hit. Joanne tees off on the 7th hole.
The only time you'll ever see Joanne eat a hot dog is at the turn while playing golf. Joanne and Matt wait for hot dogs in the clubhouse at the turn.
Check out that bend in the club! Joanne nails another drive on the 11th hole.
Nice drive, Matt! Matt also nails another drive on the 11th hole.


It's only 233 yards from the white tees to the green on this hole!

Scott tries to drive the green on the 13th hole.